Blockchain based

P2P gaming & betting platform

Blockchain-powered platform which provides the users with a range of games, unlimited events and bets in cryptocurrency.

Built on Binance Smart Chain

What is Euphoria

Euphoria is a P2P gaming and betting platform, which includes the wallet and $EUPH token.


  • Development of open API for UI design.

  • Creation of SDK for developers.

  • Ready-made API template for developers.

NFT Support

  • Built-in option to tokenize any uploaded file.

  • Use ERC-721 or ERC-1115 NFT standard.

  • Universal Digital Asset Storage for any NFT marketplace.


  • Elimination of intermediaries makes transactions faster than in conventional methods.

  • The enhanced security, which prevents fraud and unauthorized activity.

  • Decentralized nature, which creates trust between parties.


  • Placement of bets on any type of event.

  • No limits on making bets.

  • Commision is set by the user.


  • DeFi games with transparent algorithm.

  • Minimum platform commision, which is only 2%.

  • Rating system to stimulate the excitement of the users.


  • Euphoria's betting platform is getting along with NFT.

  • NFT tickets and trading cards will be available on our platform.

  • These cards and tickets are granted immutability and public verification of ownership.

How it works

lite paper

The Euphoria app confidently positions itself as universal due to the fact that it includes not only games, but also a wallet with its own token. Games such as Baccarat and Poker are available currently.


Texas hold 'em is one of the most popular variants of poker. The games take place only between the users. In order to win, the player must either make opponents fold by bidding, or collect a winning combination.

  • Step

    Player A creates the room.

  • Step

    Player A sets the comission.

  • Step

    Player A can also choose the type of the room.

  • Step

    Finally, the gamers join the room and start to play.


The most comprehensive betting service, where betting takes place only between the users. The technology uses smart contract and is based on a Chainlink oracle network.

  • Step

    Player B creates the room.

  • Step

    Player B creates the event and sets the coefficient.

  • Step

    Smart contract.

  • Step


  • Step

    Winner collects the award.

event predictions

A platform, where people can place a bet on any event and set the commission. Several users at once can place a bet against one user to form a balance between their deposits. The technology is based on a Chainlink oracle network.

  • Step

    Player creates the room.

  • Step

    Player can create any kind of event for the game or participate in existing bets.

Our advantages

  • Blockchain

    Uncovered algorithms for exciting blockchain games.

  • Easy

    No limits on bets and events.

  • Simply

    Unlimited number of events.

  • Profitable

    There is no hidden margin or fees.

  • Benefit

    The ability to earn on winnings and on the stack in the pool.


  • MVP

    • Crypto Wallet

    • Baccarat

    • Betting

    • Creating a player profile

    • Mobile version of IOS/Android

    • Audit

    • Private Sale

    • Public Sale

  • Q1

    • Poker

    • User rating

    • Creating Chats

    • NFT Marketplace

    • Development of open API for UI design

  • Q2

    • Adding NFT (tickets)

    • Adding Blackjack

    • Improvement of the poker platform

    • Adding the different kinds of poker

    • Improvement of predictions, adding bets
      on the specific player in card games

    • Open API extensions for SDK and UI design development

  • Q3

    • Improvement of the platform for games (hilo etc.)

    • Update of the prediction of market

    • Expansion of card games

    • Creating own tournaments

  • Q4

    • Bets in NFT

    • Improvement card games: hilo, poker, blackjack, etc.

    • Creating achieve

    • Improvement rating

    • User rating algorithm

    • Decentralized p2p sale and purchases NFT