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Euphoria games - the best decentralized gaming and betting platform

Built on Binance Smart Chain. Try your luck taking a part in the Lottery, various card games and bets on any events


About Euphoria Games

Decentralized P2P gaming, betting and event prediction platform with decentralized Lottery.

EUPH token is the native token of Euphoria platform through which users can play, place bets and earn.


Core team

  • Effy Bin

    Effy Bin


  • Lee


    CTO / Team Lead

  • Alexander


    Head of Design

  • Andrew



  • Denis


    Senior Frontend Developer

  • Noah


    Senior Backend developer

  • Dezia


    Senior UI/UX-designer

  • Nickolay


    Blockchain Smart-Contract Developer

Our Values

  • Enthusiasm


    Our team consists of young yet experienced specialists who get inspired by working with innovations at technological frontiers

  • Growth


    We are growing day to day for the improvements not only technically but also in marketing and personal areas

  • Customer orientation

    Customer orientation

    We take into consideration many aspects, but firstly customers opinions and feedbacks

  • Decentralization


    We want to become fully decentralized to get rid of bureaucratism and complicating access, to make games transparent and honest

  • Innovativeness


    Our platform is growing at the beginning of the crypto gambling/ gaming industry and the market is not extremely overwhelmed yet, therefore we are aiming to get a big part of the pie


Read the detailed information about Euphoria project.

Here you can find formulas and calculations that are stand behind the betting, details about each product and many more.

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Our Roadmap

  • Q4 2021

    • Test app for Android
    • Private sale
    • Smart-contract audit
    • Public sale
    • Staking
    • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Q1 2022

    • Launch of web version
    • Launch of the Lottery
    • MVP version of P2P Betting
    • Launch of LP Staking
  • Q2 2022

    • Launch of P2P Betting on football (limited version)
    • Pancakeswap integration
    • Start the development of new P2P game
    • Development lobbies for the games
    • Adding new Esports in bets
    • Adding tennis in bets
    • Development user profiles
  • Q3 2022

    • Launching user profiles
    • Adding new types of sports in bets
    • Launching new P2P game with lobbies
    • Development of draw bets in P2P betting
    • Development of private 1v1 bets
  • Q4 2022

    • Start the development of decentralized Poker
    • Development private room sessions for Poker
    • Development tournament mechanics for Poker
    • Launching draw bet in P2P betting
    • Development of liquidity pool smart-contract for Betting
    • Development of live bets algorithm on smart-contract for Betting